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Luke Farmer is a multi instrumentalist, composer and producer from London. His training began learning classical piano from age 9, and rock guitar from age 10. Luke attained a degree in Creative Music Technology at the University of Surrey in 2014.


He has since been commissioned for multiple bespoke composition projects including global campaigns for leading brands such as Maggi, Trip Advisor and Avon.


Luke also stars as the singing voice for the character JD in Episode 8 of the brand new Lego Friends 'Girls on a Mission' TV show, currently available to watch on Sky and Netflix.

Now based his studio in Peckham, he produces electronic dance and pop music for himself under the stage name Luke David and other artists, alongside regularly writing for brands and television.


Luke's latest single "Lost" with artist ALBRT has been featured in multiple New Music Friday Spotify playlists alongside Spotify's Friday Cratediggers and Fresh Finds playlists and has reached over 150,000 streams worldwide.




Maggi Audio Branding (2021)

The audio branding brief by Maggi was to compose an extremely catchy original composition which encompasses a mnemonic that can be used across all of the brands communications.

Maggi requested the music's instrumentation to be organic and human sounding in order to reflect the brands personality, values and to encapsulate a joyful mood when cooking at home in your kitchen.

Below is the brand theme track, composed and produced by Luke. The mnemonic is now being used across upcoming European Maggi advertisements.

Maggi TV Advert France 

The audio branding mnemonic composed by Luke is being used across all of Maggi's upcoming communications throughout their European and Asian markets. 

Original Source - Force of Nature TVC

Luke worked on additional music production to the bespoke music composed for this TVC. 

Avon Epic Lipstick Global TV and Cinema Campaign

Original composition of a bespoke electronic dance track for the commercial.​

Trip Advisor Ideal Prices Worldwide TV Commercial


Original composition and mixing.

The track was recorded with a full brass section in studio 2 of Abbey Road Studios, the day after the legendary Sir Paul McCartney recorded in the same room.


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